Something Big

Greetings, readers! For the first time in the 6 months since our inception, we’re going to skip a post (although the fact that I just told you that sort of makes the statement untrue). This blog has become bigger than all of us, and Sam and I must battle it back into submission before it overtakes our lives, reducing our fleshy bodies to nothing more than difficult-to-maintain marionettes with a constant desire for food.

Also, I’m starting to find out that people actually read the things I post here and that that can have real-life repercussions. (What?! Why did no one tell me this?)

Anyway, Sam and I are working on something BIG. One of our upcoming posts is going to be crazy art-intensive, and I didn’t want Sam to get carpal tunnel (He doesn’t have a fancy wrist protector like I do), so he needed some extra time to finish it. Plus, we’re working on something EVEN BIGGER that’s extra secret, so stay tuned for awesomeness. This future thing is so big that it will change our blog forever…Bum Bum BUMMM.

In the meantime, you can satisfy both your Reasonably Ludicrous addiction and your overly-heavy-wallet problem by like, buying something (not sure if that’s a good idea)? I created some new items, some of which I actually wanted. I think it was a bad sign that even I wasn’t purchasing anything before. But now I’ve bought myself a phone case and a bumper sticker, and people seem to think they’re pretty cool. Oh! And since we’re not very good at thinking ahead, the two newest items won’t show up, so here’s direct links: tree t-shirt, owl-cat t-shirt.

Also, if you need to fill the entertainment gap we may or may not have left, you should go see The Cabin in the Woods. It was awesome. I wrote this review of it over on my other blog.

Or you could read this old story I wrote when I had little conception of how to make things good: Dan and the Can: Flush of Fate. Don’t judge me.

Or, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you could download Geomon, the video game Sam helps create. It’s like Pokemon, only the creatures you see around you are based on your actual location and the weather and the time of day!

Ok, hopefully that will tide you over. I’m realizing now that instead of giving you an entertaining post, I just advertised a bunch of stuff. Oops!

To make up for it, here’s a picture of a velociraptor trying his hardest to play a friendly game of soccer:

TLDR: Watch out for BIG things in the future.


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22 responses to “Something Big

  1. I had been snowed under with a blog challenge I was taking part in and had completely forgot about you guys! Then I got the email and was all excited, then I read the email and felt kinda like the velociraptor. I guess I should check out your shop for that cool pic of the chicken’s brains squirting everywhere – I think my grandma would “love” that on a birthday card! lol Will keep an eye out for big things, as I always do 😀

    • We try to play with people’s emotions, shooting them all over the spectrum from soccer velociraptor to hang-gliding hippo.

      • Kate

        You do play with emotions! I shuddered in appalledness (not sure that word is legit) when you said cabin in the woods was good! It may have been better if I even liked horrors or faux horrors or faux of whatever. Ok, I am waffling, it must be time to ctrl alt delete.

  2. Something even bigger!? Tell us! Book?? A “Reasonably Ludicrous” weekly magazine? A TV PILOT?!?! This will torment me until next Tuesday…

  3. Looking forward to the upcoming posts. And you’re right, velociraptors make everything better.

  4. I want a shirt with that soccer-playing raptor on it! He looks so surprised!

  5. Rae

    Excited to see what it is! (Please don’t make me feel too inadequate though.)

  6. I’m going to skip commenting on this post (although the fact that I just told you that sort of makes the statement untrue). Will this upcoming post involve flying purple hippos? They’re even better than velociraptors!

  7. allenavw

    It’s the risque photos isn’t it?!! You guys need to go to photo shoots and things… I knew it!

  8. Yay BIG things! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store 🙂

  9. I’m excited!! And yes! Writing stuff on your blog totally has repercussions. I had this revelation about the same time in my own blogging journey. Now 4 years later, I realize just how naive I was back then, but you learn.

  10. My ears and eyes are glued… it’s really painful please help. :/

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