Are you tired of spending your money on worthwhile items that genuinely improve your life? Have you grown angry purchasing from upstanding websites that don’t give you the fun of wondering whether they’ll steal your credit card information? Did you end up here by mistake? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We at Reasonably Ludicrous have created the following items for your indiscriminate purchasing pleasure, and we hope they can scratch that packrat, thrill-seeker itch of yours. But try not to go overhoard, as we wouldn’t want extreme, blog-derived wealth to get to our heads.

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Irish Up Your Day Mug

Everyone knows whiskey is part of a complete breakfast, but not everyone knows how to transfer it from the bottle to their mouth. That’s where we come in! With this fancy mug, you’ll never forget to start your day with booze, and when it comes time to drink it, you’ll already be holding something to put it in! Plus, drinking out of this mug is such a fantastic experience you’ll feel like you’re high-fiving a leprechaun! And depending on what else you add to your coffee, you may genuinely believe it.

Perfect for children! Or that special someone who’s just a little bit cranky in the morning.

Owning this mug tells people: I may have a problem, but it’s a fun problem!

Pun Shirt

Puns are the highest form of humor, and nothing says “pun” like the word “pun.” This shirt’s in-your-face declaration of your love for puns will certainly catch the eye of the opposite sex, though whether it attracts them, is up to how you wear it. When they ask, “You seriously bought a pun shirt?” deliver the line: “Shirt, why not? Pretty soon they’ll have cott on!” Unable to resist their urges after such a clever response, they will kiss you passionately,* and if they don’t, you can take solace in knowing you delivered it wrong.

Perfect for people who love the concept of humor but don’t like specific examples of its execution.

Owning this shirt tells people: PUN

*This is a comical advertisement. Reasonably Ludicrous makes no claim that this will actually occur, though if one of us sees you in our PUN shirt, we’ll kiss you passionately.

Freedom Mousepad

We’ve all been there, trapped in front of our computers, covered in that horrible clothing stuff, wishing only that we were free to frolic naked through our lives. Well, with this revolutionary new mousepad, even if your office won’t let you shed your suit and tie, and pants, you can still get that sense of unadulterated joy every time you glance at your desk, for you’ll remember what it feels like to leap through the air, wind rushing against your ball-and-chain-free existence.

Perfect for the downtrodden,  especially if they have no qualms with nudity and don’t mind being asked uncomfortable questions about their strange mousepad.

Owning this mousepad tells people: I like to have a naked guy on my desk.

The Dip Snap Guide Poster

Do you like snapping? Are you sad there’s so few methods? Would you sell your first-born to know just one more style? Well, we at Reasonably Ludicrous aren’t much for baby-theft, but if you fork over a bit of money, you can purchase your very own Dip Snap guide! “Why buy it when it’s already posted on the internet for free?” you ask. Well, we ask, “Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to question anything?”

Perfect for people who love to snap but need more variety. Or for bros who love tobacco. Once they master the snap, they can use the poster paper to roll spliffs!

Owning this poster tells people: I have obscure skills. Do you?

Mishaps Christmas Card

In the dog house because you asked someone to change? Simply present them with Reasonably Ludicrous’s relationship-repairing Christmas Card! Nothing wins over the hearts of those you’ve hurt like telling them you don’t want them to have a freak accident, whether it be plummeting off a cliff against the wishes of a clearly labeled sign, attempting to eat delicious toast whilst taking a bath, or challenging the Christmas version of Chuck Norris to a duel. They’ll welcome you back with open arms, and, if you’re lucky, other limbs.

Perfect for people who don’t have close friends who’ve encountered these particular mishaps. Otherwise this card might hit a little close to home.

Owning this card tells people: I bought this but was too selfish to give it to anyone.

Reasonably Ludicrous Mug

Are most of your mugs absurdly ludicrous? Or, if you’re less of a risk-taker, are they painfully reasonable? It can be difficult to strike a balance, and we at Reasonably Ludicrous understand that better than anyone. To represent humanity’s unending struggle for that perfect equilibrium, we have crafted a mug that is ludicrous, but reasonably so. Sure, dragons, fireballs, and sprinting mushrooms are a little crazy for some, but a couple of regular joes and a cat help to even things out.

Perfect for people who don’t want to commit to being either common or insane.

Owning this mug tells people: I like the blog Reasonably Ludicrous.

5 responses to “Store

  1. And there I was waiting impatiently for a store. It was here all along, well for a bit of time anyhow. Maybe get your holiday relatives up on a card or T. May be good to put on invitations for the next holiday dinner.

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  3. it's the ha-pocalypse

    “Perfect for people who love the concept of humor but don’t like specific examples of its execution.” i’m just going to reaffirm that every page of this is really funny, to include faqs and about.

  4. I like the mousepad. Since my office is really overwhelmed by boredom, incredibly infuriating jerks, and walking egos, this seems to be the must-have office supply. At least, it’ll paint a little color to the dull grey air.

  5. Hi, I check your blog regularly. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up!

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