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The Joy Cannon Erupteth

Greetings, Reasonably Ludicrous reader folk! Man, have we had a wild ride. We’ve sailed through through a lot together: the long nights, the impossible odds, the various other choruses of Styx songs. We’ve learned some important things, like the value of an English Degree, how to duck your relatives, the key to having a happy Valentine’s day, and much much more.

But Sam and I cannot stop at a mere blog. We must take over the entirety of the internet! And for that, we will need…





That’s right. All the buildup has been leading to this climax. We’re launching a brand-new squeaky clean extra green webcomic!

It’s called The Joy Cannon and it will shoot heavy iron spheres of humor at you once or twice a week. It’s our newest weapon in the continued war on sadness, and we aim to use it to its full potential.

Now, with great cannoning power comes great responsibility or something, and now that Sam and I are moving sideways in the internet world, we may not have as much time for blog posts. But never fear! You’ll actually be getting more updates from us! We’ll still post on Reasonably Ludicrous once or twice a month, and now we’ll also be posting on The Joy Cannon 4 to 8 times a month. That’s like 7.5 things every 4 weeks!

I hope we didn’t hype this up too much. We didn’t mean to have so much buildup, but as an English major, I’m not very good at computer science and tinkering with all the web code took me longer than expected.

Thanks for being so supportive all the time. Sam and I love reading all your comments, and it’s been amazing to watch the positive response this blog has garnered. You guys are the best, and we hope we can attempt to entertain you for a long time to come.

So go ahead! Click on over to The Joy Cannon and see what you think! We’ve got 3 snazzy comics up there right now, and more are on the way!


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