We’d Like to Have Award with You

As you’ll note, especially now that I’m about to point it out, today is a Thursday, which, according to the Mayan calendar, is not a Tuesday. It has been decided that Thursdays shall henceforth be known as the days upon which either, in the rare event that visionary and heartthrob Sam has enough free time, he’ll compose something of great insight and profundity concerning the human condition, or, barring that, I’ll write some sort of gibberish held to a far lower standard than my Tuesday posts. For example, that last sentence was extremely long and unintelligible.

Most likely, we won’t post anything at all. We’re trying to keep you on your toes in an effort to appear unpredictable in that suave, unpredictable-but-I-like-it sort of way.

The reason I’m posting today is because, drum roll, Reasonably Ludicrous got its first ever blog award! For those of you who don’t know, a blog award is like chain mail, only, because everyone in the blogosphere is supportive past the point of sanity, it’s fueled not by fear of being smitten (such a cute past participle) by unseen forces should you fail to perpetuate it, but rather by the common desire to pay it forward, or share the love, as it were.

The self-propagating award we received is known as the 7×7, which is, coincidentally, the hamburger I always order at In-N-Out. The lovely (at least in my dreams), cat-adoring, never-been-kissed, bad-guy-fixated Jess over at Love The Bad Guy has, in her beneficence, presented us this award all the way from down under. If I could tunnel her my gratitude in person, I would, but my arms are a little tired, so I’ll have to settle for simply posting my thanks.

An award! Do you believe it? No matter how intangible, no matter how many strings come attached, I’m ecstatic! Any sort of validation sets my buns ablaze. Thanks, Jess!

Now, as for the award itself, it looks a little something like this:

Ah, the delicious patties of praise, lettuce of laudation, tomatoes of tribute, and grease of glory! This particular commendation requires the receiver to answer 7 pre-determined non-questions and then pass the award on to up to 7 other deserving blogs, thus proving that blog awards, like viruses, meet at least 2 of high school biology’s requirements for life. And now, without further gibbering, I present to you the answers to those seemingly unanswerable questions.

  1. Most Beautiful Post. I’ll have to go with our most recent post, Rich People Are Scary, because that has a naked pic of me in it. It took a lot of cajoling, pleading, and bribery, but Sam eventually agreed to portray me much more beautifully than is strictly accurate.
  2. Most Popular Post. Well, I could say Oops, I Got an English Degree because it has so many comments that it now takes a long time to load on my slow computer, but since the non-question doesn’t specify, I’ll claim that the most popular post hasn’t happened yet. I’m an optimist at heart, and it wouldn’t be right to think we’d already reached our peak. The best is yet to come. Just you wait.
  3. Most Controversial Post. I don’t even want to bring this one up. It was so controversial that I took it down almost immediately, and I’m pretty sure I successfully forced everyone who’d seen it to sign non-disclosure agreements. That was a close call.
  4. Most Helpful Post. Hyper-Sam and the Infinite Potential, no question. Because of this post, I can now take solace in the fact that somewhere in the twisted multiverse we call home, there’s a version of me who’s done it all right. Great work, Hyper-Russ. And if you ever find a way to communicate with me, let me know how that three-way with Amber Heard and Olivia Wilde went.
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post. If I had to pick, I think it would be that time I started a brand-new blog with one of my best friends. We posted it online, went to bed, and when I woke up, we’d gotten thousands of hits and hundreds of comments. That was pretty surprising, I suppose.
  6. Most Underrated Post. Uh. You guys are all so awesome. You give us such great feedback all the time. I’m beyond happy. I never expected this blog to do so well, and our success thus far is beyond my wildest dreams. If anything, all the posts are overrated.
  7. Most Pride-Worthy Post. As a writer, I’m convinced that everything I create requires vast quantities of revision and am still utterly baffled as to why anyone pays any attention to the words I scratch into the surface of the blogosphere.

So there ya have it. Now it’s my turn, my turn to spread the joy and the burden, the excitement and the obligation. Here’s hoping the blogs I choose plaster that sexy burger on their pages and tell us a little bit about themselves.

  1. Peas & Cougars. Another blog whose banner cracks me up, Peas & Cougars never ceases to delight with its ceaselessly delightful drawings of simplicity and expressiveness. She’s got a great sense of humor and satirizes those things in life we all relate to…in picture form!
  2. Live. Nerd. Repeat. Home to a half-crazed madman who spends his time playing video games, casting spells, contemplating the end of humanity, and then writing about it, this blog will sate your desire to learn more about the rare and elusive were-beaver, and his artistic representations will send you into fits of giddiness.
  3. The Snarkist. Started just this month, The Snarkist is filled with sarcastic and amusing observations on the joys and terrors of society, from sock monkeys to vanity plates. Entertaining in its derision, it’s also written by a girl from one of my English classes, and I would have really liked to hook up with her, but right after we started hitting it off, she studied abroad in Oxford. What’s that all about? Anyway, maybe giving her an award will get me in her good graces in case we ever run into each other later.

Phew. I think that’s about it. This blog award stuff is tough. Did I do ok?

UPDATE: Live. Nerd. Repeat. was Freshly Pressed mere hours after receiving this prestigious award. Coincidence? I think not! Well actually, it’s almost certainly a coincidence, but I can take satisfaction in knowing that WordPress itself agrees with me when I say it’s a fantastic blog.


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34 responses to “We’d Like to Have Award with You

  1. Congrats! You’re so new and so successful… 🙂

    And about your seuccessful blog post. Stuff like that happens in movies, right? I also started my blog with that dream. But i am still waiting for that post to arrive. Btw, i have always follwed your blog. And to add to your success, you have am admirer from Pakistan 😛

    And your pride worthy post should be the first one 😛 Cuz it was such a HIT, it made your blog rise to what it is now. Just my opinion though.


  2. Oh, btw, your artwork for the posts is MIND BLOWING! It’s so cool! 😀

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Speaking of awards, i hope you can help me with a little something. It would take only a few seconds of your time?

    I have been nominated for the biggest blog awards of pakistan Pakistan Blog Awards. Can you please vote for me at this link

    It would mean a lot to me if you could vote for me 🙂 😀

  4. Congrats on the award, you definitely deserve it!

  5. Predictable or unpredictable you still make my day! THURSDAY POSTS TOO? This world just keeps getting better! Congratulations on the award! You have an avid follower from South Africa too! Keep it up! (And I agree, the naked pic of you definitely makes for A Most Beautiful Post!)

  6. You’re welcome, Russ and Sam. 😀

    (Btw, I am jealous of your hamburger award goodness. Looks much more epic than the standard picture I had to steal.)

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check out those blogs you nominated.

  7. Congratulations! Let’s eat.

  8. You’re too kind Russ, but everybody knows that I’m “fully crazed.” I’ll have to begin work on my next post… post-haste. Sorry, your love of puns got me going there for a bit. 😛

    • Haha. That made me chuckle. Who doesn’t love a good pun? I’ve found out that’s a lot of people actually, but I tend to disregard them.

      I look forward to your next fully crazed post!

  9. Congrats!
    (Now you have me craving In-N-Out, which is impossible to get here because it doesn’t exist)

  10. Your blog is intimidating it’s so good. I love it! Reading it is like seeing a new band at a small venue and knowing they will someday be huge and you can tell all your friends you were there when they were nothing. Of course then the band members get all full of themselves and hypnotized by adoring fans and money-grubbing handlers and eventually never play the little clubs again. You’re on your way to huge, and I can say I was there when…

  11. Rae

    Thank you very much! I’m so honored! You deserve the award, especially now that I don’t have to be bitter about you getting Freshly Pressed.

    Did you make the picture of the hamburger? Because I’m stealing it.

  12. Yay! You guys deserve a big patty on the back!

  13. Stef S

    Hi guys! Congrats! I love seeing an email in my Inbox that says you have a new post, you are doing a great job 🙂

  14. suzymarie56

    Well you may be causing people to become Freshly Pressed – but I am apparently winning awards for bloggers. After my blog post on Tuesday (Ten Blogs You Should Be Reading), yourselves and another blog in the list have won awards. So there you go, have that.

  15. congrats! well deserved! (all the way from cairo, egypt)

  16. Hey Congratss! You write pretty good blogs!
    And hey, I am from Pakistan too=) A Pakistani girl, thats the difference! But there, your blog has 2 admirers from Pakistan…Cheers:D

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